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Here's a sample of recently added or updated sites.

House of Scott
Family-owned funeral home in Tacoma, WA. Internet Memorial Park affiliate.
This site includes a neat graphic on its home page. Revised February 2005.
Citywide Recycling
Turning old catalytic converters into cash. How's that for conversion?! February 2005.
Natasha Friend
Natasha Friend's first novel, Perfect, tells the story of a young teenage girl who learns that her eating disorder is part of family and community life and not just her own issue. December 2005.
Mount Zion Baptist Church of Seattle
Mount Zion Baptist's membership ministry and diaconate sites are on line with introductions of new members and special events. November 2004.
Maxine Mimms Academies
From its Tacoma, WA, base, MMA is expanding to provide a nurturing and secure environment to get troubled, suspended or expelled students back on track. October 2004.
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