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Customer relations management Our CRM service supports field operations, scheduling and routing with our robust, secure, customizable, database-driven tools.

  • Organize customer accounts, service locations and contacts
  • Schedule and route ad hoc and recurrent service trips
  • Supports multiple depots, vehicles and contract operators
  • Announces turn by turn navigation in driver mode
  • Allows task-specific service modules for your business type
  • Supports remote sensing for added schedule automation
  • Includes complete SitemakerCMS℠ website with all standard and professional features
  • Data archive for customizable reporting to yourself and providers, clients, jurisdictions...
  • Permissions-based user security on computers, phones, tablets
  • In service since 2008.; robust and hiccup free with over 99% uptime
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Coming Soon: Video-Website Integration.

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Custom Websites. Build your site on our flexible, database driven, content management and automated page-generation platform with do-it-yourself, on-the fly editing and updating. Designed with non-profit organizations and small business in mind. Learn More!

Examples of Sitemaker365 standard site designs. Advanced users may use the full range of HTML/CSS tools.

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