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Customer relations management Our CRM service supports field operations, scheduling and routing with our robust, secure, customizable, database-driven tools.

  • Organize customer accounts, service locations and contacts
  • Schedule and route ad hoc and recurrent service trips
  • Supports multiple depots, vehicles and contract operators
  • Announces turn by turn navigation in driver mode
  • Allows task-specific service modules for your business type
  • Supports remote sensing for added schedule automation
  • Includes complete SitemakerCMS℠ website with all standard and professional features
  • Data archive for customizable reporting to yourself and providers, clients, jurisdictions...
  • Permissions-based user security on computers, phones, tablets
  • In service since 2008.; robust and hiccup free with over 99% uptime
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Coming Soon: Video-Website Integration.

Sitios y videos bilingües. Watch this space!

Custom Websites. Build your site on our flexible, database driven, content management and automated page-generation platform with do-it-yourself, on-the fly editing and updating. Designed with non-profit organizations and small business in mind. Learn More!

Designed with non-profit organizations and small business in mind. We take the mystery out of the Web and get the webmaster out of your way.

Universal Features include responsive layouts, rock-solid, automated intuitive navigation, home page, blog, event calendar, forms generator, FAQ manager and image gallery and easy to use, do-it-yourself editing with intuitive interface.

  • Need more? Our expanded professional service adds tools and revenue-generating features like member management, social networking, business directory, personnel roster, discussion forums, podcasting, text and graphic advertising, plus optional creative services and a professional support plan.
  • Also known as Journalmaker℠ with added features for magazines, social media, and business activity tracking.
  • By sharing storage, transmission, development and editing resources, you have access to the resources and services formerly available only to large corporations to the service of your small business or non-profit.
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News Preview

Mail forms adapted for small screens
Sitemaker's automated forms have been made responsive to small screens. They now adapt automatically to the widths of many telephones and similar mobile devices.

Some legacy... Continues...
Server Reboot
Our web server was rebooted at 10:47 PM with a software upgrade.

Note the date. We have not had an UNscheduled outage for over ten years.
Email Delay Resolved
A mysterious bug (we're blaming the swine flu) hit our mail servers for about six hours today, delaying deliveries to most users. The problem appears to have been resolved. While... Continues...
A Newsletter/Blog like this is optionally part of all our sites. Like all parts of the SitemakerCMSSM system it is just a matter of Point, Click, Publish!