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Customer Support
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Technical Services

Customers receive technical support by email or by phone during our regular Pacific time business hours and by call back or return email at other times.

By technical support we mean questions about hosting and/or the Sitemaker Editing Suite. Try the Help System first! If you cannot find a solution, help is available by support ticket.

Creative Services

We provide creative support both in house and through talented designer/resellers who build sites on our publishing platforms. We also host several organizations such as churches and other non-profit groups that make our services available to their constituents under their own terms and pricing.

Our general approach is to help the owner of a site become independent as quickly as possible and come back only for special services or consultation on how to expand the site beyond the obvious scope of the automated system. For the latter service we charge according to the complexity and duration of the project. Some users opt to have us manage content for an extra fee as well.


Here is information for customers only on setting up your email reader to collect and send via Clark Internet servers, which is an optional paid upgrade. You will need your assigned login information.


We have experience with and can recommend Safari, Chrome, Firefox, plus DuckDuckGo for IOS and Android. Due to the great number of browsers and versions available we cannot offer help with specific browser or operating systems by email or telephone. On-site help with computers, operating systems, browsers and other software is available at our blended hourly rate including one-way travel time.


Clark Internet retains rights to and is responsible for only the automated features of the guest sites. We are not responsible for the content of guest sites hosted by us that are independently edited and maintained. Each owner-operated site has a contact form or About page, and the name of the responsible party is displayed in the copyright notice at the bottom of every page.