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Clark IP has been helping small businesses and community organizations to benefit from the Internet since 1994. We have assisted civic organizations, churches, schools, and colleges in addition to businesses both large and small with a variety of web-based services.


Clark Internet
914 164th St SE #361
Mill Creek, WA 98012-6339



The Clark Internet Team

Rees Clark
Senior Consultant
Rees was a co-founder of Clark Internet. His background is in geography, urban planning, and systems analysis and administration. He finds that his Ph.D. and a few dollars will get him coffee lots of places.


Gavin Clark
Senior Analyst, Systems Creator
Co-founder Gavin Clark is the principal developer of our database-driven publishing and online data management systems, SitemakerCMS and CIC Recycler. He has been a web developer since 1993.


Robin A. K. Clark
Intern, Sales Associate
Robin Clark is in charge of Western Pacific outreach activities and polo integration.


I. P. Penguin
Training Director
I.P. is our chief docent and training officer. (If we call him our mascot he gets really angry.)


Three-arrows in a loop symbolizing recycling.
Only recycled electrons are used in our websites.
graphic of penguin wearing clark tartan
I.P. MacPenguin


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