Clark Internet
Terms and Conditions of Use

Custom Services

Additional terms may apply to individual accounts as described in separate agreements.


Resellers (affiliates) are independent contractors. Resellers may add service terms but must include the standard Sitemaker-Journalmaker terms in whole or by reference to this page.

User Content and Copyrights

Since guest sites are independently edited and maintained, we are not responsible for the content of sites hosted by us. Each owner-operated site has a contact form, and the name of the responsible party is displayed in the copyright notice at the bottom of every page.

Clark IP retains rights to and is responsible for only the automated features of the guest sites.

Guest (Hosted) Sites

Resellers and operators of guest sites operating on our platforms are required to conform to the policies stated here. Guest sites are at liberty to adopt more restrictive policies as appropriate to the nature of the respective sites.