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CIC: Planning a Route
October 5, 2018
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From the Scheduled Pickup Pool,

  1. Select the facility from which the route will originate.
  2. Select locations to be routed. The list can be sorted by estimated oil on site, by estimated percentage full, or by various geographical factors. Choose individual locations or click Check All.
  3. If adding to a route, check Add to Route, select the route.
  4. Click Route Selected Pickups. A confirmation will include a link to the new or expanded route; click it to see the Route Overview.

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From the Route Overview,

  1. Click Remove to drop a location from the route. Click a location (best into new tab) to see that location's details.
  2. Fill in the route characteristics; assign driver; etc.; all can be revised later.
  3. Click the map icon on the button bar. A non-optimized route will appear (Fig 1.).
  4. NOTE: In the fictitious example, an apparently eccentric location is included near the top. Note that it is an emergency pickup (indicated by the burning barrel).

On the Route Map

route map
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Fig. 1. Non-optimized route.
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Fig. 2. Optimized route.
  1. If the map/route appears satisfactory, close the map tab to return to the Overview.
  2. Else, check Sort Mode above the list of stops.
  3. Identify the first stop; click-hold, drag and drop the location to the top of the list at left, where it will displace the location currently first. In similar fashion drag the desired last stop to the bottom of the list.
  4. In the example, we will route the emergency pickup first and a location near the depot last.
  5. Click the Optimize icon; wait for the system to respond; this can take several seconds. System will display a report on the length and other characteristics of the route. The drive and time-on-task items assume normal driving conditions excluding weather and traffic considerations and exclude the time and distance from and to the depot. Dismiss the report.
  6. Refresh the page. Your route will now be optimized (Fig. 2). If the optimization appears unsatisfactory based on your knowledge of the terrain or traffic, you can repeat Steps 3 or 4 to "push" locations earlier or later. Then repeat Step 5. 

NOTE: If you remove a service from a route from the location record, you must remember to go to the affected route, verify that it has been removed, and then re-optimize the route from the map.

When you are satisfied, go to the Overview and update the Route Schedule: When ready, change the Status to Scheduled or En Route as appropriate.

Drive safely!
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