Clark Internet
Quick Start Package

Instead of adopting a cheap but inflexible template, or learning just enough Web skills to be dangerous, let us implement your site quickly and cooperatively, so that you can apply your time to your content. Our approach is to emphasize functionality and rock-solid navigation within your site, followed by customization and refinement of appearance.

Your website can be on line in a few minutes using your images and text with our help. Includes automated navigation, home page with optional automated content previews from other pages, newsletter (blog), image gallery, FAQ, forms manager and more; up to ten additional pages with flexible design; one year on line prepaid; many extras available. Generous storage and bandwidth. Add and maintain content easily with our content management tools.

In short, we manage technology, while you manage content. (For example, the layout of this page is based on up-to-date "grid" technology using automated positioning of components alone, in groupings and/or columns. The "responsive" page layout adapts to most screens of differing width.)
Designed with non-profit organizations and small business in mind. We take the mystery out of the Web and get the webmaster out of your way.

Universal Features include responsive layouts, rock-solid, automated intuitive navigation, home page, blog, event calendar, forms generator, FAQ manager and image gallery and easy to use, do-it-yourself editing with intuitive interface.

  • Need more? Our expanded professional service adds tools and revenue-generating features like member management, social networking, business directory, personnel roster, discussion forums, podcasting, text and graphic advertising, plus optional creative services and a professional support plan.
  • By sharing storage, transmission, development and editing resources, you have access to the resources and services formerly available only to large corporations to the service of your small business or non-profit.
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  • Rapid turnaround is assured.
  • You gradually take on only those tasks you choose.
  • We help as much as you choose.
  • Hosting for three months is included in the startup.
  • Flexible hosting and technical support plans simplify continuing service.
  • Creative services are priced separately.
  • You control your cost: no new hardware, software or staff.


  • prompt setup by our design team
  • domain registration or transfer
  • initial theme and tool selection
  • adaptation and installation of user-supplied or user-selected graphics
  • home page with overview text and previews of key features
  • contact form
  • up to ten general purpose pages with content you supply
  • editor training or development support up to four hours
  • private preview at any time during development
  • telephone and online training after setup up to four hours during first month
  • hosting up to 100 Mbytes each storage and transfers; additional capacity optional
  • CIP Journalmaker℠ content management and editing system with our powerful, time-saving tools

Creative Services

graphic of general page layout formats
Choose a flexible template with vertical, horizontal or hybrid navigation layout to start; revise later. Keep control of colors, fonts and other visual features; add CSS control for precise results.

Start fast by adopting one of our standard layouts; apply your own color scheme. Gradually substitute a custom design at your own pace. Our platform offers numerous tools to simplify creation and editing of popular website features.

  • Image gallery - nested albums with your own annotated pictures: Install and train, add $50
  • Catalog with up to 100 items with images, text and pricing you supply, requires image gallery and Paypal business account: Install and train, add $150 and $1/item > 100
  • Roster (staff/contact/customer list): Install and train, add $150
  • Directory (think Yellow Pages) of strategic partners, suppliers, etc.: Install and train, add $150.
  • Expanded Hosting Package: $49/month billed to your credit card includes 1 gibabyte of storage.


  1. You supply text and graphics; most clients start with materials from other media like letterhead, brochures, logos, product descriptions and images.
  2. We use an online meeting by appointment to configure your site. Choose your own color scheme. Use a preconfigured theme or show us examples of sites you like and let us adapt a design - all in real time. Plan on two sessions of one to two hours each.
  3. Your design affiliate will turn your existing materials into a website. First we make it work; then we make it pretty. If you do not have standard content, original creative services are available; additional features are available in our Professional, Enterprise and Journalmaker packages or by individual arrangement.
  4. Delivery time can be just a few hours but is normaily a few days from the moment we have your source materials (text, graphics, product list...).
  5. Your pre-payment puts your project in our service queue. Discuss the schedule with your account representative before purchasing. Your payment is non-refundable once work has begun.
  6. You can modify the appearance of the site at any time using a standard theme, or you can use the automated appearance tools, or one of our designers can alter it at low cost; minor appearance adjustments and advice are free.
Once your site is operational you can pick and choose additional services as needed, or just add content within the structure.

* Pricing

  • Basic hosting and technical support after startup billed monthly at $39 or quarterly at $95 to your credit card. The minimum period of service is three months. Includes 100 megabytes of storage. Does not include content management (writing, posting, editing).
  • Optional expanded hosting and technical support package prepaid monthly at $59 includes 5 gigabytes of storage and monthly content review.
  • Writing, graphics and other content service are available at rates published elsewhere on the site.
  • Prepaid price represents a substantial discount from our à la carte price list. This program does not include content management such as composition, graphic manipulation or posting text. Clients agree this is our most cost-effective service for basic websites.