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What we do...

  • easy to build template-based sites with cost-saving, built-in, content-management tools
  • requiring no new hardware; no new software; no webmaster.
  • proven in continuous service since 1994!
Built to order - recent emphasis:
  • database and content management
  • pickup and delivery routing and activity tracking
  • artist and industrial product profiles and catalogs
  • magazine and newspaper adaptations with revenue options
  • editor/operator training
Similar to social networking, integrated into your business or organizational site. Don't bother learning the esoteric details, and don't let marketing decisions by a general-purpose provider determine your future. Let us activate your member site for you in minutes, to your specification, and under your own domain. Blog(s), forum(s), photos, videos, member to member messaging and more. Build a new site or attach our social networking tools to your existing framework. Call today!


Biodiesel Feedstock Collection System Continues Expansion
The customer information center we operate on behalf of a national used cooking oil (UCO) collection program has expanded to 14 service providers, over 20 service depots with roughly 300 staff members serving approximately 20,000 restaurants and commercial kitchens in over 1,500 cities across 40 states.

Collectively this provider community has registered over 830,000 waste oil collections on over 46,900 trips. They have collected over 44 million gallons of oil that has thus been kept out of landfills, sewers, rivers and landscapes and the atmosphere. Most of the UCO has been converted to biodiesel, which has kept approximately 980 million pounds of carbon (CO2) out of the air we all share.

Our job is to keep track of schedules, project need, route travel, record collections and report to regulatory agencies, all of which happens over the worldwide web using databases and user interfaces created by Clark IP. We have been doing this since 2008; we've been developing systems for the... Continues...

Whom we serve

Our diverse clientele includes: businesses, government and political groups, educational institutions, community services, churches and other affinity groups. Our sites and applications are about your needs not our vanity.

OUR NEW CLIENT HAD A PROBLEM - The home grown company website was full of obsolete information and broken links, and it was like pulling teeth to get it updated. They needed better integration of the company newsletter, photos, forms, FAQ, bulletin board, and directory with a consistent interface and powerful editing tools.
Sound familiar?

photo of three story brick building housing Clark Clothing Company in Everett.
Click to enlarge.
Clark Clothing Co. (Clark's Department Store), early 20th Century, Everett, WA.

Clark Clothing Company

In 1892 brothers, John, Alex and Robert Clark, founded Clark's Department Store (AKA Clark Clothing Co.) to provide dry goods to the working families of Everett, who were engaged in mining, lumbering, and construction in the new city of Everett and surrounding Puget Sound communities. The firm started business in a rented circus tent. Their landmark store was demolished in the 1950s. Descendants of Alex founded Clark Internet Publishing in 1994.