Clark Internet
Why Should You Choose Clark Internet?
What does a client get with Clark Internet? Here is a quick summary. Instead of hiring a "webmaster" and hoping for the best, we help you hit the ground running with all of the following benefits.

Sitemaker and Journalmaker™ (SMJM)
SMJM is a combination of scores of features that work predictably and robustly to start and can be reconfigured quickly to meet most publishing needs.

SMJM are designed with "hooks" to allow integration with other management tools. Customization of structure and content is built in. We can add user-specified data fields or whole tables. We can also work with your designer or art director to achieve the look and feel you want, or we can design to your specification. We're happy when you're happy.

Industry Standards
SMJM use a combination of MySQL and PHP to manage data. This software structure is widely used on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. We use Linux.

Browser-focused Administration
Any modern web browser can be used as the interface to the system.

A variety of pre-configured themes (visual schemes) is available, and it is easy to create page layouts using conventional HTML and/or CSS.

Solid Navigation
All content is automatically organized for display by Sitemaker using tool-based (standardized layout) or custom-designed pages. Content creation is not by file transfer but through the browser, and all pages are best imagined as views of the database rather than static documents.

Data Integrity
Information stored and retrieved in a comprehensive content management system (CMS). Most pages displayed by the system are either created on the fly or are stored whenever modified. Content always reflects the latest updates. Pages do not "get lost" as with old-fashioned "create and upload" procedures. Ground truth is on the SMJM servers, not on a user's personal computer.

Rapid Deployment
A "web presence" with many of our standard features can be operational in minutes. Unlike cheap template sites, your Sitemaker or Journalmaker site can be expanded gradually to achieve more complex objectives over time.

Low Cost
When all costs of data management and web publishing are considered, our services are highly cost-effective. This is due to our rapid deployment procedures and the displacement of routine data entry and maintenance from high-cost technical staff to low-cost clerical staff.
Apples, oranges and Clark Internet: Our tool-based sites should not be compared to "hosting" from large data storage companies; hosting is only space rental. SMJM fees include hosting and general support for technology and content. We update our systems for all our users, so you do not have to retain technical staff within your organization. Your employees and other users maintain the data; we maintain the systems.

Timeliness and Accuracy
Because the person most familiar with information is also the person who maintains it on line, information is up to date, and lines of responsibility of clear.

Our methodology is designed to get you up and running quickly, train you to add and maintain content, and then get out of your way!