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Biodiesel Feedstock Collection System Continues Expansion
The customer information center we operate on behalf of a national used cooking oil (UCO) collection program has expanded to 14 service providers, over 20 service depots with roughly 300 staff members serving approximately 20,000 restaurants and commercial kitchens in over 1,500 cities across 40 states.

Collectively this provider community has registered over 830,000 waste oil collections on over 46,900 trips. They have collected over 44 million gallons of oil that has thus been kept out of landfills, sewers, rivers and landscapes and the atmosphere. Most of the UCO has been converted to biodiesel, which has kept approximately 980 million pounds of carbon (CO2) out of the air we all share.

Our job is to keep track of schedules, project need, route travel, record collections and report to regulatory agencies, all of which happens over the worldwide web using databases and user interfaces created by Clark IP. We have been doing this since 2008; we've been developing systems for the web since 1994. Uptime for the oil collection system has exceeded 99% the entire time; the longest single outage in the past five years was due to a power failure at an upline provider and lasted under three hours. If that sounds like we're bragging, we do feel pretty good about it.

Have a deep breath on us and another on our customer!

UPDATED: Jan. 16, 2017.
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