Clark Internet
Clark IP Web Log
Brief service outage planned for weekend of Jan 25-27
We have been informed by certain of our upstream providers that they will be relocating key equipment including some of ours during the coming days. UPDATE: The operation is now scheduled for Saturday night after 5PM according to our provider.

During the operation Clark IP web and mail servers will be briefly unavailable.

This will occur some time between Friday morning and Sunday night if all goes as planned. We have been told that the relocation will take only a few minutes; the time required to shut down, repower and restart our server(s) is typically about fifteen minutes, but could be longer when added to the physical relocation.

We have requested that the operation be performed over the weekend, outside Pacific Time business hours 9-5, M-F, but that has not been guaranteed by the providers. We cannot specify the precise time.

Web services (sites) will be unavailable, including our own. DNS services will not be affected. Some web site visitors may receive a message that their browsers "cannot find the server."

Email will be unavailable as well. No email messages will be lost, but they may be delayed. The mail server and its backups will be off line. If you receive a message from your email program that it cannot contact the mail server, that will be a pretty good indication that the move has begun. Mail will not be forwarded to alternate servers during the outage; it will be held for later delivery by the sending or intermediate server(s).

Telephoning or messaging us will not speed up the process. We regret the late notice, which we have prepared as soon as possible due to late notice from the provider and the need to back up server content. A special backup was performed Thursday afternoon. It is possible that one of the regularly scheduled overnight backups may be skipped, depending on the time of the operation.

Note that this is the first interruption of service since February 2004, with the exception of very brief, weather-related stoppages. Our systems' availability continues well in excess of 99 percent, which average exceeds our published performance standard and which has been sustained since 1998 when we began keeping track.

Thanks for your patronage as always.