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Email Account Manager Updated
We have recently installed an upgrade to our email account manager. We suggest all domain administrators sign in and familiarize themselves with it, as there are some major differences. (If you are not an email administrator this article will seem rather meaningless.)

Administrators can now edit which services are available to each user. If your domain is so enabled, you can turn off/on IMAP, POP, vacation messages and other features. If you do not understand the options we suggest you create a test account and modify it to experiment, rather than applying changes to real mailboxes, until you are familiar with the new techniques.

Navigation within a domain is improved with a jump-to first and -last link, eliminating much of the scrolling and previous-next linking needed before. A better search tool now quickly finds individual users and mailboxes, and all lists and search results are noticeably faster.

Note especially the presence of a Delete Account link next to each account on the account list page; previously this feature was hidden to prevent accidental deletion. We encourage user feedback on this option; we are inclined to revert to our previous configuration.

The account management software is a third-party acquisition. We have installed it as it came from the developer. Some of the GUI features are not what we would do, including the low-contrast links. We may change these features over time to ease navigation.

Feedback via your account administrator is welcome. Enjoy!