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Clients Cut Atmospheric CO2 by Over 1 Billion Pounds
Using Clark Internet's "CIC" scheduling and routing tools, several US recycling firms have removed at least 1.154 billion pounds (577,000 tons) of carbon dioxide (CO2 from the world's atmosphere since 2008.

In this industry, the system collects historic data on collection of waste vegetable oil for conversion to diesel fuel. The substitution of this plant-based fuel for petroleum products means that the manufactured fuel adds no net CO2 to the air. Other recycling industries may apply task-specific modules to their own requirements.

Each pickup of waste oil is logged and becomes part of a mathematical model that predicts the date on which the location will need service. The system exhibits above 93 percent accuracy, as measured by the number of pickups that are completed without a request by the source (2008-2019 data). The system has supported 60 depots operated by 26 recycling firms (collectors) in 46 USA states serving over 35,900 accounts with 40,00 source locations, primarily restaurants.

A user-friendly interface allows each collector's dispatchers to communicate with customers and to schedule, route and dispatch vehicles and technicians. Each dispatcher or manager has a dashboard that summarizes the state of the system and highlights actual and upcoming requests. Current and future sorties may repeat prior routes or be created ad hoc in response to requests; requests can be added to routes dynamically even after departure while the request does not require backtracking.

System performance is robust and prompt, 24 hours daily. Uptime is over 99%, and there have been no unplanned outages for over five years. Technical support is normally available during business hours nationwide.

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